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Should I list my home high or low?  That’s an interesting question and one whose answer seems to center around “strategy”.  This WSJ article explores both sides of the high vs. low pricing.  One thing it doesn’t mention that’s relevant in some markets right now is the appraised value of the home.  We must consider what the home will appraise for; if a home appraises low, a high offer won’t mean much.  


Paul, of, was an immensely valuable resource while I was working my short sale in Las Vegas.  His site is chock full of information you need to effectively negotiate a short sale.  Educate yourself, whether you are represented by an attorney or have an “expert” real estate agent handling your sale (the agent I used wasn’t as up to speed as I’d have liked…however, they did line up a buyer so I stayed with them as I negotiated with the lenders).

Paul doesn’t post often, but when he does it’s always useful.  Check out his latest post here.

Indeed. If I were a betting man, or had any money to bet, I’d go with a managed (i.e., “politically spun for maximum benefit”) default.

UPDATE: What does this mean for you and I, Joe Consumer?  With the markets so intrinsically tied together, not good times for our IRAs or spending power.