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 Most states allow a lender to pursue a deficiency judgment for years after a foreclosure.  Further, acknowledging that debt to a collector during those years can “refresh” the statute of limitations on thr debt.  This is why a short sale or bankruptcy is the preferable route; it deals with the debt up front.  

Banks are not your friend.  They are not your ally.  They do not – as an institution – have your best interests at heart. 


 Damn criminals.  That’s all I have to say about that.

I do not think so, but it can be an indicator.  Taken alone, it would (IMHO) be an unfair discriminator against a potential employee.  However, it remains the employers perogative to use this as a criteria for employment.  Bigger picture, I think it’s another way that those on the edge of the financial abyss are discriminated against by the FICO system.