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The bank settlement doesn’t address the rampant fraud perpetuated by the banks. When asked, prosecutors and politicians say this is just the initial step. I don’t agree; when the dust settles (what little dust this will create), the banks will point to this settlement and say, “But we’ve paid our dues.” Further, politicians will look to this and say, “We made the banks pay!” Neither of which is true.



There’s a meme making the rounds wherein military folks are posting images stating they are the .001%, in contrast (counterprotest?) to the 99% claimed by the Occupy movement.  This is a false juxtaposition…and a false dichotomy.  Many of the military members, past and present, are in fact part of the 99%.

The Psy-Fi blog has a great post today that for me sums up what both the Tea Party and Occupy movements mean.

The rise of protest movements, from the Tea Party to Occupy Wall Street, are a reaction to a perception of the subversion of democracy. 

My only quibble is the word perception.  The corporations and politicians have subverted democracy.  That said, the whole post is fantastic and well worth your time and consideration.